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Wondering if should bring your umbrella to school today? How about if the sport fields might be closed? Click here to see how much it rained over the last couple of hours.


Meteorology is important to consider in baseball and softball games. For instance, wind flowing against a softball in flight slows the forward motion, making those homeruns tougher. On the other hand, wind flowing with a softball helps it fly longer distances. Air expands when temperatures are high, lowering the density of the air, which has the potential to increase the distance a softball can fly. If temperature stays the same, but humidity increases, the density of the air also decreases (this may seem counterintuitive, but it is true!). Click here to see current wind, temperature and humidity conditions at the Sahuarita High School softball field.

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Station History: On 10 July 2009, University of Arizona faculty and graduate students installed this meteorological station at Sahuarita High School (SHS). Since then, they have been organizing data for public use. Funding for the station was authorized by the Board for the Joint Technical Education District (JTED, in December 2008. In the future, the SHS faculty will integrate the weather station facility and data generated by the station into SHS curricula.

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